Baby Bloodheart (babybloodheart) wrote in thequestionclub,
Baby Bloodheart

Is the customer service so different between the UK and the US?

I work in a supermarket, I smile, say 'hello', remember my P's & Q's and I'm nice, that's customer service in the UK, in the US apparently it's hugely different, so how the hell do you get any nicer than that?
Most days it is a strain to do that with some of people whom pass through my till, it takes all my strength not to get up and punch some of them (perhaps that has something to do with the bad area I work in), so if it is so different in the US why is it so different and how do you manage being that nice to some of the customers who you'd really like to wallop?

[Yes, it was a hard day at work today, just wait till the Christmas season is upon us, trolly rage to look forward too]
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