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First question!

I am going to the Download Festival at Donington Park tomorrow to watch and listen to some great bands. I'll be camping there with 3 friends from Wednesday through to the Monday.

I was just wondering if there's anything anyone would recommend taking. Essentials and non-essentials included.

I have the obvious: Tent, sleeping bags, spare clothes, water bottles, money for food, sunscreen, cheap cameras, torch/flashlight, toilet roll + babywipes/wetwipes, tickets (always useful).

I have the less obvious (and non-essential, but useful): Glowsticks to mark our tent so we can find it more easily in the dark.

Weather forecasts for the week is set to be very dry and temperatures in the 60-80F (18-28C) during the day, and a little cooler at night.

What else would you recommend taking to make the week as enjoyable as possible?

Thank you ^^
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