M. (mmmsogood) wrote in thequestionclub,

video game and dvd rental in Canada through the Internet

Have any Canadians here in TQC used Zip.ca before? If so, could you tell me your experiences please? :)

Also, I stumbled upon the concept of video game rental through the net today when someone mentioned GameFly.com... a quick google found me the Canadian equivalents: GetGames.ca and GameAccess.ca. Of course I've never heard of either, so if you have used either service before, please tell me how it's like!

To be more specific, I have a Nintendo Gamecube and *hope* to purchase a Nintendo DS in the future so a site with a good library of those games would be really nice.

(Is it better to just go out to the local Rogers and rent games the old way? :P)

And any tips regarding renting video games and DVDs online in general would also be appreciated. Thanks. ^_^
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