mcnastee23 (mcnastee23) wrote in thequestionclub,

What is the best way to find a hole in an air mattress?

What do you do when you're REALLY excited about something?
(My roommates and I are going camping all weekend for a DMB show in Pittsburgh.  We are seeing 4 shows in 5 days!! And we have kept a running count down for over 3 months. Yesterday we bought everything we needed - over $230 worth of crap. I think we shop when we are excited haha)

Is the skin on your hands really sensitive?
(My skin is apparently...yesterday, I tore skin off of 2 fingers while trying to start a weed eater. Not much skin was tore off but the spot is really uncomfortable.  Each finger has a wound at the second nuckle. It's such an annoying pain.  Then, I have an open blister on my thumb from raking).

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