meyesme (brookin82) wrote in thequestionclub,

When you see people you vaguely know on myspace do you friend them?  Do you leave them a message and then wait for them to friend you?

My situation is:  I play on this coed soccer team and there is this guy that sometime plays with my team.  I've talked to him a bit on the team and he knows my name and everything.  One day I happened across his myspace page.  Now, he's kinda cute and all and i'm always interested in getting to know more people so i kinda want to friend him on myspace...but for some reason i feel like i'm over stepping the boundaries of the relationship or i don't know.  Something is holding me back from doing it.  So, should I??  Sometimes i feel all Carpe Diem and want to take more chances and crap like that...but then other times i feel very insecure about what he might think...blah..blah..blah.    I think my head blows these sorta situation in to huge montrosities when really it is such a small insignificant thing.  Anyone else have the problem?

So, yeah, anyone have any stories similar where you did friend them and it blossomed into a relationship?  Or crashed and burned??

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