piperki (piperki) wrote in thequestionclub,

What's a reasonable tip for a one-man flooring crew?

I'm having vinyl plank flooring installed in four rooms of my townhouse. This is a smaller local business - not a large chain, so the installers are employed directly by the shop. The installation is all being done by one guy, Bob. The condo is currently empty, and I gave Bob permission to leave half of the appliances in the garage rather than move them back in, since I'm replacing those. Appliance moving is included in the labor charge. I'm moving in Tuesday and he has offered to finish up the work by working Saturday morning, so I can resume painting etc. It may be that he's paid by the job rather than by the hour - I didn't ask.

Normally I would make or buy lunch for someone working like this rather than tip in cash, but right now eating/drinking inside with strangers is not happening. I think it would be nice to offer a tip, but how much? The estimated labor charge for this job is about $4100. I want to be considerate but not profligate.

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