a (punk_is_so_dead) wrote in thequestionclub,

A few questions.

1. Will you internet hate me if I post a poll but it's in a link to my journal? I didn't feel like making the same thing over again and I don't know. I'm lazy. Will you take my money poll?.

2. Do you get post-vacation depression? After vacations, I hate going back to work more than anything and just fantasize about moving to wherever I came from.

3. When you take vacations, what kind do you like them to be?
-Active where you're doing a lot of activities and sight-seeing
-relaxing in the sun with drinks
-A combination of the two... relaxing but doing some sightseeing.

4. When you're in another country, do you prefer to try new things or try what is familiar and comfortable to you?

5. Is there a website that will list when the peak / slow times are to fly to certain parts of the world? I have signed up for the Fare Alert thingie from Travelocity but I'd like to go to a website and see it list for example: April is the cheapest month to fly to Namibia but September is the most expensive (or something similar). Anyone know of a website like this?
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