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chains, bedding, jobs, dinner, suckage

What are some chain stores that are in both California and Iowa? Places like K-mart, not food chains like McDonalds. Also, not places that are only found in malls. Sorry, it's a weird question.

I'm going to try and buy a down comforter online. Ikea has good prices, and of course, overstock.com is amazing. Any suggestions on how to buy a good one?

Any places to buy really cool, modern, un-fancy bedding online? I like places like Urban Outfitters, Ikea, Potty Barn... simple, cool, comfortable stuff. Also, I need good prices. I'm thinking I may just buy at Macy's.

I just got a job. As I've been doing lots of interviews and turning in lots of applications, I may be offered more than one job. What's the etiquette with this? How do I turn down one job? Both jobs are part time and might not give a lot of hours... do you think it's possible to do more than one job? The one that I've already been accepting at is American Eagle Outfitters, and the Apple store looks promising. I think I'd like both of these jobs equally, though I know AE won't give me a lot of hours, at least at first, and pays less.

I have beef ramen, beef soup, an avocado, baby carrots, frozen peas, eggs, pasta, milk, noodles, canned pinapple and mandarins, breaded chicken patties and bread. What the hell can I make for dinner?

Anything else you want to tell me, besides that my questions suck?
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