co_techie (co_techie) wrote in thequestionclub,

Road manners

Lets say your drive back from an 8 or 9 hour workday involves getting on a big highway but the 2-lane ramp to the highway always has a huge line extending 40-50 cars at any point during the evening commute (and there is no other way from your area to get onto the highway). Lets say you wait in line every day waiting your turn to stop at each of the three traffic lights and inch your way onto the highway. This usually lasts between 20-25 minutes. What would you do if every day random cars got into a 3rd lane and right before your turn to get onto the highway, forced their way into the lane right in front of you?

Would you tailgate the car in front of you leaving barely an inch of space and refuse to let such erring drivers in because they should've waited their turn just like you did, or would you just sigh and let them in because either you're afraid that the one car you refuse one day might have some crazy person with a gun in the car who will turn around and shoot you through the windshield if you piss him/her off, or because this might be some person new to the area who didn't realize that s/he had to wait in the line to get onto the highway? This happens every day without fail - whether you leave 30 mins early or an hour late.
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