piperki (piperki) wrote in thequestionclub,

How can I get the UPS driver to carry something heavy right to my apartment?

Update: I managed to reach UPS corporate via their website/form but they didn't email me until the day before delivery. They said to contact them the morning of and they would call the local to pass a message to the driver. I did this, and the driver arrived midafternoon, buzzed my apartment and carried the 82-lb carton upstairs, said it was easier than trying to use a dolly on the stairs. Wow, what a beast. I tipped him $20 and he seemed really surprised and said "You don't have to do that," and I said, "It's really hot today, you worked hard, go get a beer!"

I ordered an AC unit from Home Depot and it is scheduled to be delivered by UPS to my apartment building on June 2. It is pretty heavy, about 75 lbs. I can lift 75 lbs but it would be pretty difficult for me to carry it up a flight of stairs and down a long hallway to my apartment. Normally UPS drops all packages in the small lobby of this building. I really need the driver's help getting the carton to my apartment door.

I tried calling UPS and there was an endless loop of automated options but no way to ask for help with this. I tried their online help - it's a bot that has only a few options for help, and none of them fit this. I used their web form to send an email and they never replied.

I'm happy to stay put (I work from home now) and just buzz the driver in so we don't even have to have contact. How can I communicate to the driver that I need this help? I would tip in cash for this, if I just knew how to make it happen.
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