laorion (laorion) wrote in thequestionclub,

European Vacay!!!

So, I’ve decided to take my kids to Europe next summer. They’re 11, will be twelve when we go. We are definitely going to Italy and almost definitely Ireland...I’m thinking of adding a third country (or two)...I don’t want to overwhelm them as this will be their first trip out of the states. If we do add another country I’ll probably want to take them somewhere I haven’t been yet...but I’m not gonna list up everywhere I’ve been because that’s just ridiculous. So, TQC...where do you think I should take these little rascals?? In Italy and Ireland, and beyond...tell me where and why, I wanna know!!
It’s a big world...I’ve only seen some of it, and I’d like to see more. But more than that I’d like to encourage a love of traveling in my kids (realistically they have more time than me to see everything....please have at it!
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