Lindsey (_secondbest) wrote in thequestionclub,

Earlier today I ran a virus scan and an ad-aware/spyware scan. They both found some things but they were deleted or quarantined. After that I got two errors from windows. Two yellow yield signs with !'s on them appeared in my toolbar. One warned me of spyware and the other warned me of popup adware. I clicked on the yellow signs and it attempted to open up three internet explorer windows and then they froze. Then I started getting this popup.

I clicked on that and it brought me to a window to download a program called spyware quake, but I didn't download it. Where is this popup coming from? Should I trust it?

I'm currently running a more in depth virus scan and running a spyware scan again. How do I get rid of that popup? Is there a good free program to use to prevent this from happening again? I currently use Symantec Antivirus and Ad-Aware SE.
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