basementape (basementape) wrote in thequestionclub,

What to do in Cleveland?

Hey folks,

My dad and I are taking a road trip to Cleveland in two weeks. The purpose of the trip is to 1) See a baseball game 2) go to the Rock and Roll Hall 3) Go to Canton to the Football Hall of Fame. We have plans to do all those things.

We will basically have Tuesday Evening, all day Wednesday, all day Thursday, and part of Friday before we go home, to do those things. My dad has some mobility issues and struggles with back pain and a few other maladies, so I purposely booked the trip for longer than is necessary to do those three things, as we might need lots of time to rest in between things.

However, I just entertained the possibility that we might find ourselves with lots of extra time. Any suggestions for things to do in Cleveland? We will have a car with us and walking short distances is okay. We're staying downtown near Progressive Field. My dad is a bit of a 60-year-old-white guy caricature - he likes sports, rock music, cars, western movies, beer (he experiments a bit but doesn't like hipstery-hoppy type beers) and, a bit against type, botanical gardens.

Any suggestions other than the three main things listed above?
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