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Student Loan Consolidation

For the past two months, I've been getting mail offers regarding my student loan consolidation, since the rates are expected to increase to 6.54% from 4.1% on the Stafford Loans on July 1.

My current situation:
I'm still in school.
I will graduate in Spring of 2007.
I've taken out about $14K in Stafford Subsidized loans. (No other loans like Perkins, etc.)
My lender is just my bank.
I DO NOT plan on taking out more loans to finish off the 2006-2007 school year.
I'm a Texas resident.

Even though I've only borrowed from Stafford loans through one lender (my bank) and do not intend to borrow anymore, would it still help to consolidate my loans?

The other thing is, I just got a letter in the mail regarding this, but the fine print on the back said, "If you are only working with one lender, then we cannot help you."

And someone helped point out right now-- I'm mostly interested in getting my loan rate locked at one level instead of having it increase.
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