Jaelle n'ha Gilla (jaelle_n_gilla) wrote in thequestionclub,
Jaelle n'ha Gilla

The whole thing for the hive mind... (solved)

Hi again. Since last time worked a treat, I thought I'd give you the whole riddle and see what you make of it. We're out of our depth.

This is a Quartet Riddle we get every Saturday in the paper. You get four pictures that have "something in common". That can be anything. E.g. they'd show you a picture of an apple, a medical drawing of a kidney, a meadow with sheep and a shepherd and a wheel of cheese, and the thing they have in common is that you can add "pie" to all of those. Or the first letters of each word could form another word. Or they could all be film locations for the next StarWars. Anything goes. Also, I apologize if the solution is in German, you'll have a hard time. But I think this time it's related to locations.

We are totally at a loss with those four. We have the land reclamation in Abu Dhabi, a Jewish cemetery in Marrakesh, Morocco, a map we can't place with a star that probably marks a city, and Nursultan Nazarbayev, first president of Kasachstan (Nursultan is also the name of the capital now).

Any ideas what the map shows or what the solution is for this riddle?

DKDC: I know I'm violating the rule of "five posts between questions" but since the frequency of posts here have gone down significantly, don't you think we should change that rule to "3 posts or one day" or something?

ETA: Solved. The last picture is "Nursultan", former president but also they named a city after him. The city of Nursultan used to have other names that meant "white grave", "new land" and "capital" (Astana), which is what you see in the other pictures. Not an easy riddle to be sure :-) Thanks to everyone working on it.
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