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Is it okay to stealth visit your hometown/country?

I was talking with a friend tonight; he grew up in the another country but has lived in the US for many years now. He's going on a trip to his home country soon with his girlfriend, to attend a wedding, see his mom and do a sightseeing road trip. He said he hasn't contacted any of his old school/college friends there and nobody knows he's visiting, and he feels bad but really doesn't want to get in touch. I said, "That's fine, you don't HAVE to see people, it's your vacation! And besides, you're with your girlfriend, it's a different kind of trip. Just go do what you want and don't contact anyone you don't want to see!" He had thought I was going to say he was a jerk for traveling all that way and not telling anyone.

Maybe people would like to see him. Is he a jerk for not letting old friends know he'll be there?
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May 1 2019, 07:43:49 UTC 7 months ago

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As a compromise. he could buy a bunch of postcards while he's there and mail them to his friends the day he leaves. :D