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1. So I was with my friend and she mentioned her mum was coming into the city. I asked why, just for conversation and she said, "Oh, she needs to pick up surgical masks and she wants to stock up on food." Buh? So I asked why and she replies, "Because in Indonesia the Avian Flu has become spreadable person to person." I was a bit shocked since I hadn't heard anything about that and she also said her mum wasn't being overdramatic but that she was following what the World Health Organization was recommending.
Do you think that's a bit extreme?
Or do you think I'm naive?
Are you doing anything to prepare for the bird flu?
I feel bad because I didn't even know that and now I'm a little worried. Lazy, too, so I doubt I will get any masks OR stock up on food, ha.

Note: Her mum was an RN for many, many years so maybe she knows something we don't?

2. How do you tell someone it is time to leave your house without being mean or forceful? I went out for lunch with said friend above and I really do love this girl a lot but she has a tendancy to come over and not leave. Yesterday she spent 9 hours at my house and I wasn't sure how to entertain her anymore. How I got her to leave was by saying that I had to go to bed soon, which was true, because I didn't want to lie to her or make up a lame excuse. It's really not that I don't enjoy her company but I was so tired and it was Sunday and I just wanted to be lazy without feeling like I was boring her or anything. :/
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