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I really need some input

Let me set this up for the question. Sorry about the length.
My closest friend just let me know that he is about to do something stupid. He really needs time to be without a gf or so until he can get through some things and really know himself. He has basically been going from one relationship to another. He admits that he needs to be by himself for a while. He knows what is best for him and has said it numerous times. That is one of the things about him that I really respect. He has been with a woman for a while that makes him happier than he has ever been in his life. She knows that he is moving to another state at the end of the week and that when he leaves they are only friends. She fully supports him finding himself. They are nearly perfect together.
Last night he told me that even though this woman is the woman that he wants in his life more than anything, that he has allowed himself to get into an emotional relationship with a woman that he works with. There hasn't been anything physical yet. He says that he doesn't think he deserves a woman like the one he is with. He is willing to jeopardize numerous things because of the woman he works with. Even though he knows that he needs to be by himself, he admits that he is probably going to go straight to this woman when he moves. I have told him that I think he should give himself some time, especially considering his feelings for the woman he is with. That he should be alone and find out what he really wants.

My questions are 1) what would you do if it was your best friend? 2) should I have told him what I told him? 3)Do you think that emotionally cheating on someone you love is any better than physical cheating? 4) should I just sit back and be there for him when he realizes what he has done? 5) if you saw someone you love doing something stupid (in your opinion) would you try to talk some sense into them?
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