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Things I regret

1.What is the meanest/most hurtful thing you have ever said to someone else?

2.Do you often say something stupid or insensative and then regret it afterwards? How long do you think about it/how long does it bother you?

3.If you dated someone who was abusive, do you have an obligation to warn others that may date them of what happened to you? What would you think if a person who had been abused by your significant other and didn't tell you? If someone you knew told you they had been abused by your significant other in the past, how would you react?

1. I told my little brother he was stupid and that he couldn't read when i knew he was having troubles in school. It was at least 10 years ago and I still feel terrible about it.

2. I do this all the freaking time. I say something, and then obsess over it for HOURS. Mostly it's if I say something really rude that I meant as a joke, or if it's someone I want to impress/like me.

3. I've been both in the position of the person who wasn't warned, and the person that was wondering how to warn someone else...I am interested to see the responses on this one.
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