(CLU) (desirsar) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have a female friend that has had the same boyfriend since I met her. He has since graduated and gotten a job about a thousand miles away and doesn't plan to move to be with her, and the seemingly expected plan is that she'd move there (whether she wants to or not) to be with him. (I mention this because she sometimes seems to not want to go there.) We go out for dinner or jogging together or cook food or go out to movies (more commonly some combination of those) 2-3 times per week.

We mostly didn't talk about it before, but topics relating to sex come up more and more often, and I'm usually not the one to bring them up. It's to the point now that I've even burned her copies of Japanese adult videos, and we've even discussed trends in the videos and which types of things she likes or doesn't like in the videos.

Should I be reading more into this? And, at the very least, stop talking around her about other girls I ask out? (I do that because I still see her as having a boyfriend, and I wouldn't try to break them up just for my benefit.) I have once "made a move", if in a dorky way, and she turned me down because of her boyfriend. Should I do something to test whether the relationship has changed? Is there anything I can try that minimizes the risk of losing her as a friend if I do try something?

Edit -- Why do sabbath observers (Saturday or Sunday is mostly irrelevant) sometimes patronize restaurants or other businesses on their observed sabbath? Since they believe that working on the sabbath is bad, wouldn't they be condemned to their hell or hell-equivalant for encouraging others to work on the sabbath?
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