full_metal_ox (full_metal_ox) wrote in thequestionclub,

Could these mice plausibly have made it to safety?

(Previously posted to this comm's Dreamwidth counterpart, where it didn't get much response--although thank you for commenting, calzephyr.)

I'm asking because I tend to be inobservant of the environment and--specifically--have no experience maintaining swimming pools.

Mouse #1 disappears into the pool filter; I don't know what fate would've awaited it there, but I've heard jokes about "Grinding Nemo".

Mouse #2 makes it to the side of the pool, and a place on the tiling where it could rest, but is not shown escaping the pool. (I find the mouse's marathon swim through the rain-rippled aqua water to be a contemplative and immersive image, but I don't want to be savoring its futile death struggle--if the distinction is clear.)
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