White Empath Firehealer (inmyblueheaven) wrote in thequestionclub,
White Empath Firehealer

Someone threw a wrench in my google-fu!

I'm usually good at scouring the internet, but I've searched for a solid 30 minutes with absolutely no luck. What I'm looking for I thought would be easy to find: some free, printable math exercises at a middle school level. EVERYTHING I've seen is for charge. If it's NOT me, can someone please point me to some dark corner of the internet where I've not yet ventured? Here's what I'm looking for:

* Simplifying fractions
* Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with fractions
* Operations with decimals
* Operations with percentages (including finding percentages of whole numbers. For example, 25% of the number 40.)
* Converting between fractions, decimals and percentages
* Operations with negative numbers
* Solving roots and powers
* Operations with numbers elevated to powers

Thanks for your help!
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