GeminiWench (geminiwench) wrote in thequestionclub,

"Just Desserts"

What I know:
They are both 'older' (50 and 70) but 10 years ago they each still had a big sweet tooth.
But, 10 years changes bodies a lot... and the older has been through some health problems.

First Q: Should it be illegal for us to sugar each other willy-nilly? Shouldn't we worry about derelicts intoxicating people's (the children! Won't somebody think of the CHILDREN!?) senses, clouding their brains with addictive sugar-highs? Getting women drunk on dark chocolate cake, and TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THEIR ALTERED MENTAL/PHYSICAL STATE?! Should we not be *worried*?

Second Q: What is your dessert-drug of choice?

Third Q: What should *I* bring for dessert?
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