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Good Morning and Happy New Year

I recently (as in, late last night) discovered there was a sequel made to Streets of Fire (this is background to the question, not the question itself; included in case anyone else finds this interesting) called "Road to Hell". While trying to learn about and hunt down said movie (I do not think Streets of Fire was a great film, or even a particularly good one, but it was hella fun in places and had some great songs--my two favorite of which are reprised in live performances in the sequel--and has a lot of nostalgia value, so...), I read a review which called it "possibly the strangest sequel ever made".

For reasons which make sense if you ever saw the original and ESPECIALLY make sense if you read that review and see a couple of trailers/clips, this got me to thinking . . .

What is your favorite weird surreal offbeat movie that most people may never have heard of?


What is some work of visual art (I meant film or tv, but graphic novels or paintings or what have you are fine) that almost no one else has heard of that you wish had a vastly wider audience? Surreal aspects not required.
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