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Messy, Messy, Messy

What is the biggest mess (or one of the biggest) that you've cleaned?


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August 12 2017, 07:34:28 UTC 3 years ago

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My Delightful Boyfriend and I had just finished cooking dinner, and having left the kitchen to eat it and watch TV, we heard a huge *KERPOPBANGERANGCRASH* sound from the kitchen.
We ran in... and at first glance all we saw was that all our fridge decorations had BLOWN OFF the fridge and there was a huge dent and scrape on the front door of the fridge.

We looked closer... and we found.. a big chunk of dark blue glass on the floor...
and.. another one...
and.... another one... and actually...
the ENTIRE kitchen was COVERED in glass dust!

Turns out, 3 months before I had taken rum punch in a sealed bottle, camping. When I came home, I *thought* I had drunk it all... and just left the bottle to fester, sealed.
It WAS not empty.
And it was VERY sealed.
And after 3 summer months, the very heavy glass bottle EXPLODED in all directions. Luckily, we had JUST left the kitchen before it happened and the bottle was under the kitchen table.

Glass dust was EMBEDDED on the underside of the table and we found blue glass EVERYWHERE in the kitchen that wasn't a sealed place. We rolled up our sleeves and wiped down the entire kitchen, TOP to BOTTOM *twice* before we felt okay to go to bed.

O man... a glass-dust infested kitchen was ABSOLUTELY the worst mess I've ever made.

The biggest mess I've ever cleaned? Well... there is no need to get specific, but I worked in a mental hospital for 4 years, and we had one guy who would poop on the floor to punish us when he was mad.