piperki (piperki) wrote in thequestionclub,

buy new appliance or replace broken parts of old appliance?

I have a KitchenAid food processor. I've owned it probably 10 or 12 years, not sure exactly. I use it a couple of times a month. I would use it more, but I've never liked it, because the work bowl leaks and it's stupidly hard to clean. (It was a gift--I wouldn't have chosen this particular one.) A few years ago, the work bowl, which has a really poor handle design, broke (inside the handle) and I ordered a replacement from KitchenAid. I was much more gentle with this work bowl, but the handle on it has been disintegrating for a while and tonight it fell completely apart as I was using it.

The motor is still working just fine. The machine has always made good pizza/bread dough and ground up/mixed stuff reasonably well. It's not so great at shredding and I often have to use a box grater instead. I cook a lot, and would appreciate a machine that can actually shred food. But I have made do with this one in a pinch.

I can order another work bowl for about $40 and I assume this one will also break after a few years of light usage. Or I could buy a new machine, for about $150-200. I have seen recommendations for a particular Cuisinart (not the one that has been recalled).

$200 is a significant expenditure for me and I also need a new vacuum cleaner soon.

Would you repair or replace in this situation?
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