Mz. Platypus (arekearu) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mz. Platypus


While showering the other day, I thought of this question. Were you ever picked on, teased, or bullied to any degree? I was teased here and there for being quiet, nerdy, drawing anime and such...but one time while walking by the "popular" table of girls at lunch in middle school one of them asked me if my hair (which was enviably long, to my butt) ever got stuck in my ass crack while showering and they all laughed. And other girls on my bus would make comments about my hair. I was also nagged on by random boys but I guess it was a mixture of being an asshole and flirting? I didn't like it so it counted as a negative interaction. So that's my cute little story.

Alt-Q: Do you have a signature scent and if so, what is it?
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