dragonflyinlove (dragonflyinlove) wrote in thequestionclub,

Camping car trip

I am making a trip with my 5 year old son from Madison Indiana to Greenville South Carolina in a few weeks.

My plan is to drive straight through to see family for a few days and then take our time coming home and do some camping.

I have not camped in about a decade now...but when I did I was serious about it and did quite a bit of back country hiking and horse camping out in the middle of nowhere.

This trip, given I am going it alone with a small kid who is anything but wilderness savvy is going to be a bit more tame but I still want use to enjoy our time and see some amazing sights.

Can anyone point out any good places to camp in the smokey mountains?

Any good websites for planning out this sort of thing?

What do you think I am going to forget to pack?

Also...this will be my first major trip in my 91 Jeep Cherokee since I did a head gasket swap on it myself....wish me luck that it does not blow up lol!!

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