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Relocating Alone

So I am planning on moving from Florida to Chattanooga, Tennessee *gulp* alone. I am 29, transferring colleges, and in the service industry (sort of nervous about the magnitude of loneliness, however, sure I can meet acquaintances and socialize off the bat). My main concern is the moving process.

I have been researching this area for over two months. I've looked up the power company, ISP, routes from airport and highway, rental availability, and job possibilities. Going in 2 weeks to check out the campus, explore the city, and investigate potential neighborhoods.

It's a 650 mile move - 10 hours from home.

  • Have you ever relocated over 500 miles by yourself?

  • Any advice on the moving process?

  • Have you ever rented a property without seeing it first?

  • Perhaps anything I should avoid doing?

  • Am I forgetting anything?

  • Also, if you're in or around Chattanooga - let's be friends!
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