the optimist (serena_vox) wrote in thequestionclub,
the optimist

Advice welcome.

Hello TQC,

Suppose you're working at a company with many different stores meaning you can be transferred to various locations and you've worked at a total of four with your most recent only being three months of service. You've applied for a better job, which you are being considered for but you need your previous three performance reviews, none of which can be obtained at your store because you haven't been there six months yet. You also can't get them from your previous location because of the radical changes in management. You CAN however get them from the district manager who isn't exactly a picnic to deal with to begin with and will 110% certainly ask what you need these for.

If you don't want to come out and say they are for a new potential employer, can you give me some believable reasons that don't involve jumping under a speeding bus and possibly resulting in backlash due to the entire patch (cluster of stores) being in disarray and hard up for help?

Asking for a friend. (No really, I am.)

If it helps: He's pretty sure he has the job, he just needs to provide documents/do testing and stuff like that, so he's worried if anything goes wrong and he's stuck at the current job, he'll be subject to rather erroneous treatment whether it's demotion/transfer/etc.

DK/DC/Whatever: What's for dinner?
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