Delve (delve) wrote in thequestionclub,

Eye Bags

Okay, so I woke up yesterday morning with a huge, awful bag under my eye! Yes, my eye - only the left one.

I've never had this before, and I'm kind of horrified. I Googled, and it told me it's either that I'm old (I'm 33 with otherwise nice skin), or that it's stress and water retention.

I was actually in a tornado the day before I woke up with it. It was easily one of the worst experiences of my life, and I didn't think I was going to make it. It did definitely keep me up that night. Then the next morning.. eye bags. Plus I'm planning my wedding stuff, which has been a bit stressful.

Also, it's "that time" almost, so maybe that's an issue??

Anyway, my real question is... is this permanent? Will it go away? Wtf do I do? One side of my face looks like it aged thirty years. Help.

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