The world is a laboratory to the enquiring mind (scolaro) wrote in thequestionclub,
The world is a laboratory to the enquiring mind

Multiple personalities in your dreams?

I was dreaming about being at some sort of hospital last night, but while wandering around, trying to figure out where my stuff was, I stumbled into a scene with a violent teenager and...became a little old lady berating him. It just seemed to fit the situation as it could either become a "coming of age/tough love" kinda movie that ends well...or a horror/splatter one in which the teenager kills everyone.
At this point it wasn't clear which it was going to be so I played along.

Does this ever happen to you in your dreams? That you're somebody else, like an actor in a real-life story trying to move with the flow of the situation unfolding around them? Or are you always yourself?
(To be clear, I didn't actually believe I was a little old lady, but to everyone around me I looked like it, so I acted like it too. For the sake of seeing how the story continued.)

Edit: Thank you for your replies, everyone. Hearing about what others dream about (literally) is very interesting!
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