kamomil (kamomil) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hello TCQ!

I am having a vague health problem, I do bloodwork periodically with my GP however I am looking for anecdotal, blue-sky suggestions as to what else could be going on.

I was in the intensive care unit in hospital for about 3 days, so I was very sick, and I don't know if I am having lingering effects from the ICU experience. (almost 2 years ago) Most of what I read, eg medical studies, on the internet, about ICU patients, is normally about seniors. I am in my mid 40s. I imagine that a senior, if they have to be in ICU, it would have a snowball effect on their health and it would decline. However I am back to work, at a full time job.

I had liver failure, related to my pregnancy, that is why I was in ICU. I was told my liver would fully recover from it. However I have a lack of energy still, my son is now a toddler. I do bloodwork twice a year related to my liver, but my doctor never says anything. Should I ask her if my liver levels are alright, but not great? Most of what I read about liver failure, online, is about people with terminal liver diseases, either something congenital or alcohol-related. I don't know which symptoms are liver related, that would apply to me.

Before all this happened, maybe 3-4 years ago, I noticed that I couldn't stand for long-ish periods of time without getting stiff. I do stretches at work when I am sitting awhile. My doctor did bloodwork for arthritis, but said I don't have that.

Here's the question: those of you who know people with chronic health issues, how do you stay motivated? Do I have fibromyalgia? Am I just a mom of a young kid? Should I get a personal trainer, because I can't imagine it getting better as I age? Should I quit my job? Even if I were to scale back my activities to match my energy level, well, I can't even get what I want to do, done. Well some of it. All I want to do is nap and take baths.

I can work at my job, but the weekends are not fun because I want to just nap. I nap when my son naps, but then I don't get all my stuff done.

Thanks for reading!
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