borboleta (borboleta) wrote in thequestionclub,

Monetary donations

1. When and if you donate monetarily, do you leave your name, or do you tip anonymously? ex. when donating to a gofundme campaign
2. When and if you tip someone for their services, do you make sure they see you tipping them? ex. in a drive-thru
2a. Similarly, do you tip your server before you leave so that your server will see you again after you've already tipped them?

my answers
1. I leave my name if I do not know the campaigner or the entity that is being campaigned personally. I feel weird if I'm donating to a friend or family's cause and leave a name, mostly because it likely doesn't seem like enough of a donation, and in part because it's awkward.

2. In this particular instance, I am typically going to tip when they are away from the window and aren't witnessing me tip them, but if someone does something extra friendly, I normally hand the monetary tip to them personally, even though they are probably going to put it in the jar. In a way, I feel like this compliments them and lets them know that I tipped because they are great.

2a. We normally tip our server last thing and walk out of the restaurant, so we do not see our server again after we've paid and left.
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