A Girl's Best Friend is Her Octopus (l_o_lostshadows) wrote in thequestionclub,
A Girl's Best Friend is Her Octopus

Shipping Season

Has anyone ever dealt with a printing a return label from UPS?

I have an email with a link to it, but I wanted to know if will download something or just take me to a webpage. (I'll have to print it out at the library on one of their computers.)

What's the worst shipping service you've had to deal with?

Personally, I cringe any time I see something is coming by UPS Mail Innovations. They're slow, keep losing packages, and, most recently, shipped something, but never put it in their system. (The seller already shipped a replacement by the time I discovered they hadn't lost it. Hence the joy of return labels.)

I've never had this many problems with either UPS or UPS SurePost. (Which seems to be the same as UPS:MI, but not incompetent. No idea why they have both.)
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