I'll never tell. (incnse_pprmnts) wrote in thequestionclub,
I'll never tell.

What do you do about previous coworkers lying on LinkedIn?

I worked as a sales coordinator at X company, starting May 2014. The person who took the job after me says he took the job in April 2014.

I wanted to think that maybe he just put the wrong year, but he started July 2015. He had another job at that same place, which he started way before 2014.

I'd pass it off as nothing, but the way that they have treated me before and after I left (accusing me of lying about my job title during interviews with hiring managers who called for a reference check, and taking over a month to pay me since my paychecks kept getting "lost" in the mail) makes me suspicious.

is there potential for a future employer to think I am lying about my job history, simply because someone else put the same title with dates that overlap?
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