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Has anyone else out there ever prepared a dish described in a work of fiction?

I have--most recently the Bagel Dog described in a Steven Universe comic: http://36.media.tumblr.com/e803a5aca3e32be8330f7ae5249f99db/tumblr_na4vjbkTbV1r2jz9fo1_500.png

(Recipe, for those not in a position to read the comic panel:

STEVEN: I can't decide! Do I want a bagel or a hot dog?
...Or both? Together?!


To combine the power of BAGELS and HOTDOGS you need:

A bun
A dog
Cream cheese
1-2 thinly sliced scallions (careful!)
Garlic powder
Poppy seeds
Dried minced onion
Sesame seeds

1) HOT THE DOG! (heat according to package directions)
2) Toast the bun & schmear it with cream cheese--let it get MELTY
3) Add a pinch of each topping to taste!
4) ENJOY your decision (Steven further ponders, "...Should I add hot sauce to this?")

(Difficulty rating: 1 on a scale of 4; bear in mind that children are the primary target demographic.)

For Christmas 2014, my brother and sister-in-law and I undertook a more elaborate culinary ostension: we made Sister's Stew, a fancy seafood chowder featured in A Song of Ice and Fire; the recipe is available in A Feast of Ice and Fire, the authorized cookbook by the Promoted Fangirls who run the Game Of Thrones food blog Inn At The Crossroads.

I've never yet had both the funds and a sufficiently grand occasion to try this, but I've always wanted to recreate the Black Feast that the Gray Mouser enjoys in Fritz Leiber's short story "The Bazaar of the Bizarre": The collation on the little ebony table beyond the coffin consisted entirely of black foods. By sight and then by nibbling and sipping the Mouser discovered their nature: thin slices of a very dark rye bread crusted with poppy seeds and dripped with black butter; slivers of charcoal-seared steak; similarly broiled tiny thin slices of calf's liver sprinkled with dark spices and liberally pricked with capers; the darkest grape jellies; truffles cut paper thin and mushrooms fried black; pickled chestnuts; and of course, ripe olives and black fish eggs—caviar. The black drink, which foamed when he poured it, turned out to be stout laced with the bubbly wine of Ilthmar (the Earth equivalent would be a Black Velvet, I think--FMO.)
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