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Calling all TQC doctors!

I've kind of googled this and really only came up with diabetes, which I don't think is the case.
..My boyfriend sweats a lot at night. Like as soon as he falls asleep. It really inhibits the snuggles that we are accustomed to during waking hours. He's a chubby fella but no doctors' test have shown any diabetes results (the popular google answer?) Granted, he hasn't been there in a while (looking for a network in-state, etc) but does have yearly blood tests due to a heart condition.

Maybe relevent info:
-It's year round. I don't notice it as much in the summer because we're both gross then, but it's getting colder here now. Last night was the first time I've noticced it this year.
-Even if he falls asleep watching netflix on the couch, any part of my that's touching him get's sweaty.
-When he's asleep and sweating he still grabs for the blankets (...stealing them from my anemic self!! we have three layers)
-It's usually a cold-feeling sweat (to me?)
-During the day he sweats like a normal person would.

Serious and non serious answers welcomed. I told him that when he gets his 2016 insurance he has to find a new doctor here, but I'm worried it could be something rare and insane.

DK/DC: How many different continents have you traveled to? -AND/OR- do you have netflix/hulu/amazon? What do you watch?

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