szarabasjka (szarabasjka) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dear Question Club, what should I cook??

I kinda feel everything I ever ask you guys is about food...
But in this case it has something to do with my family.
Every year we make this whole show out of ThanksGiving, and since I'm the oldest daughter (and the only one that actually cooks) I'm in charge of the kitchen.
my question is : How should I stuff my turkey? what are your fav recipes for stuffing? I mean I use the basic one every year and would be nice to change things a little but what's on internet are insane, some recipes are plain CRAZY!

I have no idea how to change it into something everyone would like...
so.. any good idea? or family secret recipe I can steal...errr. borrow?
in case you care there's no hard allergies except pineapple and kiwi.

dc/dk: advent anyone? what does it means what do you do with/for/about it?

thanks in advance
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