mandy b (mistressmandoli) wrote in thequestionclub,
mandy b

Regarding a Time Off Request

Situation: I requested time off from my job to spend time with family in about three weeks. It's a one-day thing, and I didn't say much else other than "family coming for visit" in the reasoning box. I did it (maybe?) two weeks ago. I got into specifics with some people, and those people aren't important.

Next week, I find out the fate when the schedule for the week of 12/6 is posted. It might be up either the day before Thanksgiving or the day of. I can look at the time off program on the company computer in the stockroom the next time I go in to make it easier, but I don't want to log on just for the sole purpose of checking that out.

Is there any way I can discuss this with someone face-to-face, though? I know they haven't sat down to make it, but I just want to make sure I can tell them that I can be to work at any other time in the week leading up to the date in question.
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