Katherine (cactus_rs) wrote in thequestionclub,

Web Mastering

TQC members who have a non-blog style website (generic static web presence, business, whatever), what hosts/domain registrars would you recommend?

I am trying to get a web presence sorted for my English editing/tutoring freelance business and after a morning of Googling reviews I feel like I have hit information overload.

My boyfriend will be the one building the page, at least initially, so I have no need for a WYSIWYG-style editor or builder. (And he's good at what he does, so it won't look like crap.) The site will primarily be a static presence (information about rates, services, availability etc.), a contact form, and maybe an infrequently-updated blog section (here are some vacation photos, happy holidays everyone, commentary on a language-related news story, etc.). I'm not selling anything directly on the site, so my needs really aren't fancy.

Basically I want something cheap and reliable that will allow me to have an email address that's a little more professional than a gmail one.

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