Megan (luna_shovegood) wrote in thequestionclub,

Health paranoia

I have queries about two health things - eyesight and thyroid/general health issues.

How often do you get your eyes tested? When would you consider a re-test before you'd usually go?

I'd suspected my eye sight was no longer 20/20 for a couple of months and went to the opticians and got glasses in July. Recently, I've got the impression that my eyesight is more blurry than it was when I got it tested, but I worry that it's unlikely that it has got worse than therefore would look silly to get it tested again.

The other thing is that I've been feeling generally ill and seem to have caught continuous colds since August. I went to the doctors about three weeks ago and they gave me a blood test.

Everything was fine except my thyriod which was underactive. They booked me in for a second test a week later and I didn't hear back. I called up the reception phone a week and a half later, which was answered by one of the nurses, and she said the most recent test said it was fine: 'no action'. I queried the difference between the first and second tests and she simply said 'the test on (most recent) says all fine: no action.'

Should I book an appointment with the doctor herself or just leave it? Either my thyroid was low and is now fine, or one of the two tests was faulty, right?
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