A Girl's Best Friend is Her Octopus (l_o_lostshadows) wrote in thequestionclub,
A Girl's Best Friend is Her Octopus

What a crock

I'm currently considering buy this slow cooker*, but I'm not sure I can justify the kitchen real estate, so I have a few questions.
1. Do I really need a six quart cooker if I want to make four servings? (My research suggests I do, but I figured I'd ask anyway.) Looks like a four qt could work for me. Glad I asked. :)

2. Can anyone recommend a good slow cooker recipe site? Google gives me too many hits, and I'm trying to figure out if I'd really use the thing.

3. Does anyone have experience with that model? (I'd prefer not to drag it home and discover it was a huge mistake.) Any brands I should avoid?

*Assuming it stays on sale while I'm dithering.
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