I'll never tell. (incnse_pprmnts) wrote in thequestionclub,
I'll never tell.

I did something incredibly stupid the other day.

I have an induction stove, and I thought - why not make some pulled chicken? So, I made pulled chicken. I left the stove running on low with barbecue sauce, stock etc., and intended on letting it sit an hour. Problem is, I fell asleep at my computer, and I woke up 4 hours later to the strong smell of barbecue sauce. I realized the stove was a liiiittle higher than it should have been for what I wanted, and it may have burned a little.

Which leads me to my question. I don't have a crock pot. Could I just turn the induction stove on simmer - a lower heat setting than I left my chicken - and let something cook for several hours (like with a slow cooker) and get the same result? Or is that not safe?
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