J (anguisel) wrote in thequestionclub,

Need to vent and ask a question.

So I get paid bi-weekly. I'm also a ditz when it comes to remembering if I work that day or not so I am religious in writing that shit down. On a planner, on the calendar and lastly, in the computer. I worked a 25 hour and a 20 hour shift. 8/31-9/4 for four hours and 9/7-9/11 for five hours each day. I checked just know and found that my 25 hour shift...was cut down to 20. I worked 5 hours and didn't get paid for it. WHAT THE FUCK.

So Questionnaires, what would be your response to management when you 'politely' point out that you want your fucking money?

Also, what laws can I look up or who can I report to about this if they don't want to pony up?
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