Sara (sara_k_s) wrote in thequestionclub,

Bridal shower crisis

I’m throwing my sister a bridal shower. I asked her how she feels about games, and she said she doesn’t like games but would like a “recipe box” activity. The way she envisions this, we will bring some note cards and pens to the shower and guests will write down their favorite recipes for her. I think she failed to consider the fact that not everybody has recipes memorized so they can write them down on the spot, and I’m afraid that if we do it her way, she will get just get a handful of recipes that are not great and/or recipes that people hastily pulled up on their phones at the shower.

What I’d like to do instead is collect recipes from guests and compile them into a customized cookbook, and in order to do that, I think I need to give the guests some advance notice. I’d also like to give people the option of sending the recipes by e-mail, since that would be easier for them and for me than having them hand-write recipes on cards. Also, my sister’s friends and family are pretty spread out, so probably at least half of the people invited won’t be able to make it to the shower, and I’d like to give people a chance to provide recipes even if they can’t attend. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out that my sister wanted recipes until after I had ordered the invitations, so now it is not possible to put the request on the invitations. I’m going to put the invitations in the mail tomorrow, so this is my last chance to figure something out.

What should I do about this recipe box activity?

Tell my sister about my misgivings and hope she agrees
Go with her plan of just bringing some recipe cards to the shower and having guests write them on the spot (which I don't think will yield great results)
Enclose a note with the invitations requesting guests to e-mail me their recipes and/or bring them to the shower (and we will just have to miss out on the recipes from anyone who doesn't know how to e-mail and won't be attending the shower)
Print out a recipe card template on printer paper and enclose it with the invitations, asking guests to e-mail, snail mail, or bring it to the shower (which sucks because I spent money on invitations that look classy and this will detract from them)
Tell people about the recipe box when they RSVP (which means I won’t get recipes from anyone who doesn’t RSVP)
Some other option I haven't considered???
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