El (elsieellis) wrote in thequestionclub,


I've been doing weight watchers for a little over two months and I've lost 12 lbs. These two months have been relatively easy compared to previous times when I've done WW.

Then the other day I was sick. I think it was something I ate, or maybe something to do with my IBS (which is quite new to me and I'm still figuring it out). I felt too icky to eat the day after vomiting. But since that I've felt starving almost constantly. Problem is though, all the lovely food I normally eat as part of the WW plan turns my stomach and instead I want fatty processed meat, McDonald's, chocolate (not normally a huge chocolate lover) and other crappy crap.

So, to my actual question... Do you think my appetite these past days is because I was sick and didn't eat for a day? Or is my body fighting back from the healthiness I've been inflicting upon it?

Side note: I'm definitely not not pregnant. I'm currently trying to get pregnant so I'm watching my cycles like a hawk and peeing on sticks like a crazy woman, so I'd know if I was ;)
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