Weather Shy (waitingonsunday) wrote in thequestionclub,
Weather Shy

Do you ever say that you're "getting up with" someone when referring to contacting them?

-Did you get up with Jim about the party?
-I still need to get up with Jim about the party.
-I got up with Jim about the party and he told me to kick rocks.

If you don't use the phrase yourself, do other people around you use it with any regularity? If not, do you recall ever hearing it or is it wholly unfamiliar to you?

What country/region/state are you from?

My boyfriend says I'm the only person he's ever heard to use that phrase. He never hears it in the Midwestern US and thinks it must be something I picked up while living in the southern US. I've lived in the South, the Midwest, and the western US and have no idea when or where I picked it up. It never occurred to me that it wasn't a common turn of phrase.

Edit: Should have added, I live in southeastern NC and the phrase is commonly used here. I just thought I'd heard it regularly before moving here.
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