rosewein (rosewein) wrote in thequestionclub,

Love at first sight?

So when i was 21, i met a boy. It was infact second sight when i felt like i was remeeting a lost friend.
   In truth we failed at every hurdle, and where plagued with miss understandings, every time we try and know each other at all.
  Im now 36 and not in love with him for a long time. however i am always curioius about who this person is, and why my self had such a reaction to him.
  We recently hungout a few times, and totally stayed true to form. I have no idea what happened but once again we are not speaking. In fact i saw him  the other day in the shopping centre, and pretended I didnt.
  My question is do you belive in love at first sight?
I have always wondered why the person i felt the most for, was the person i could communicate with the least, do other people experience this?
Also if i was blown away by someone at 21, will i never settle with anyone unless i meet someone who has equal pull?
Surely love at first sight doesnt happen twice?

Please excuse my creative spelling, im dylexic and on my phone.

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