Katherine (cactus_rs) wrote in thequestionclub,


I'm visiting Portland (OR) for the first time ever this June. One of the friends I thought I'd be seeing/staying with will be in Atlanta, as it turns out, so I am in need of accommodation and things to fill my schedule. Fortunately, the other friend is still there AND he has a car. (Just not a couch for me to sleep on.)

1) Can you recommend a reasonably-priced hostel/motel? I'll probably only be staying two or three nights at a maximum. Otherwise I'm booking a Motel 6 and calling it done.

2) What are some cool/unique things to do in Portland? When I visit places I like to check out caves, really weird/kitschy/roadside America type stuff, favorite local eateries and dishes, and possibly bar trivia (if available). Anything that's really unique to an area tends to be my priority. Bonus points if it's weird.

DK/DC: what was the weather like on the first day of spring/fall? It snowed here. Hooray Sweden!
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